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BRIGGS & STRATTON Auburn Alabama, Brigg - Stratton Plant Auburn Lee County AL..JPG
Briggs and Stratton produces V-twin engines for riding mowers sold under Ariens, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, John Deere, Simplicity, and Snapper brands. The business opened in 1995, and still operates today. The plant is located at 150…

This plant produces light metal alloy wheels for the automotive industry. Formerly ATS Light Alloy Wheels Alabama, it was acquired by the German firm Borbet in 2008 and employs around 150. The business opened in 2001, and still operates today. Borbet…

Rexnord Industries ,anufactures lubricated and non-lubricated flexible steel couplings and Thomas Brand Couplings for automotive transmissions. This plant was formerly known as Falk and employs around 175 people. The business opened in 1995, and…

This business produces cabinets and employs roughly 600 people, making it one of the largest employers in Lee County. The business opened in 1999, and still operates today. Masterbrand Cabinets is located at 300 Webster Rd., Auburn, AL.

This Korean-owned company that produces injection molded parts for automotive heaters and blowers and employs around 400 people. The business opened in 2004, and still operates today. It is located at 764 W Veterans Blvd., Auburn, AL.

This Korean-owned company that manufactures front axles and rear carrier assemblies for automobiles and currently employs around 300 people. The business opened in 2007, and still operates today. It is located at 246 Teague Ct., Auburn, AL.

West Fraser operates a sawmill near Opelika located at 2100 Industrial Blvd., Opelika, AL.

photo_1 (1).jpg
Sweden-based Gambro Renal owns this plant, which produces dialyzers for patients with kidney failure. A large expansion has been planned for 2016. The business opened in 2008, and still operates today. The factory currently employs around 150 people…

photo_1 (2).jpg
This Korean-owned company that produces air-conditioning and heater pipe assemblies for automobiles and employs around 100 people. The business opened in 2004, and still operates today. Pyongsan America is located at 760 W Veterans Blvd., Auburn, AL.

photo_1 (3).jpg
Donaldson Company produces air filtration systems (mufflers) for truck manufacturers and is located at 2268 Pumphrey Ave, Auburn, AL, 36832. The business opened in 1999 and still operates today.

Thermo Fisher produces high-quality plastic vials used primarily by reference laboratories for drug and diagnostic and industrial testing. Originally Capitol Vial, the plant was purchased by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2006. The business opened in…

CV Holdings owns a manufacturing facility operating under the name Capitol Cups. Capital Cups produces high-qulaity plastic cups commonly found at reatil stores or sporting events. CV Holdings was recently linked to the misappropriations scandal…

14 Arkal Automotive USA, Inc. at Innovation Drive_Riley Street.JPG
This manufacturing company produces automotive components. It is the first US based manufacturing operation for the Israeli owned Arkal company. This business opened in 2012 and still operates today. The Auburn branch of Akral is located at 2490…

During the 1930s two Civilian Conservation Corps groups were organized in Lee County. Post Number 4448 was located near Chewacla State Park and Post Number 4447 was located on South College Street in Auburn. Members of the Corps came from states…

Located at 434 East Magnolia Avenue, the Dillard-Lawson House was built in 1896 by Auburn merchant A.L. Dillard. Its exterior is made of grey stone, unique to the local area. Dillard's wife and daughter were the first women registered as voters in…

Built in the 1840s by Richard Buchanan, this Greek Revival home and property provides a history of agriculture in Lee County. It served as a plantation in the antebellum period and as a tenant farm in the early 20th century. In 1937 J.W. Clegg…

Ebenezer Baptist Church was the second African-American church in the city of Auburn. The congregation was formed in 1868 and construction completed on the building in 1870. Ebenezer served as the primary member of the Auburn District Association,…

Bean's Mill.jpg
This grist mill was originally built in 1834 by Sam Carter and Henry Byrd as a sawmill. In 1848 John "Jack" Floyd purchased the property and in 1852 Floyd's Mill Rd (now US 29) was established. During the Civil War, the mill provided supplies to the…

Meadows' Mill.jpg
Built by Rev. Michael Thomas sometime between 1830 and 1835, it was the first mill erected on Little Uchee Creek. Ownership of the mill is unknown until 1909 when G.W. McKinnon deeded the propert known as McKinnon Mill to his wife and children. The…

Flowers Bakery.jpg
First opened by W.H. "Bud" Ingram in the Clement Hotel in Opelika in 1910, it moved to the Montgomery Brothers' Building in 1911 and to its own building on S 8th St. in 1914. Ingram sold the business to Jim Tom Hamilton in 1923 who moved the…

This poster shows a group of civilian and military travelers crowded into a railway car. Many have grim or unhappy expressions on their faces. This World War II poster was intended to influence viewers to curtail unnecessary travel so that scarce…

This poster shows a man and woman, dressed in winter overcoats and waiting at a bus stop. The man is also wearing a fedora hat and gloves, and the woman is wearing a headscarf, mittens, bobby socks, and saddle oxford shoes. This World War II poster…

This pamphlet gives advice to mothers traveling with babies and small children. Most of the information regards train travel but there are sections on bus and car travel as well. The pamphlet's advice assumes that the mother has no adults traveling…

This poster was created for the Indian Court exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, CA. It depicts an antelope hunt and its style is similar to that used in Navajo art works. This poster was created as part of the…

This poster was created to promote winter tourism in New York State. It depicts a man and woman cross-country skiing. Both are wearing blue snowsuits, red scarves, red-and-white striped mittens and socks, and brown shoes. A snow-covered hill is shown…

This sound recording captures a radio address by the President, in which he appealed for support of the scrap rubber campaign. The campaign was held because the Japanese had cut off about 92 percent of the U.S. rubber supply.

This sound recording captures a radio discussion of gasoline rationing in the Detroit, Michigan area, and its effect on war workers and war production. The speakers heard are John R. Richards, Supervisor of Gas Rationing, Office of Price…

This poster shows a large crowd of soldiers in front of several railway cars. This World War II poster was intended to influence viewers to curtail unnecessary travel so that scarce transportation resources could be used for war purposes.

This poster shows a man and woman, floating among clouds, with rubber tires hovering over their heads like halos. The man is facing the viewer and is holding onto a steering wheel that is not attached to a vehicle. He is wearing a grey zoot suit, red…

Cincinnati Union Terminal 1.jpg
Aerial photograph of Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio. Date and creator unknown. From the Metro Cincinnati description: "The now-demolished concourse is shown at the upper right, and is now the site of an intermodal rail yard. A new concourse for…

This photograph is of the Auburn, Alabama Railroad Depot around 1900. The Depot burned down in 1904.

Goat Cart_Pebble Hill.jpg
Clark Yarbrough, the son of Dr. Cecil Yarbrough and Mary Strudwick, is depicted in a goat cart with an unidentified companion at Pebble Hill, ca. 1930s.

Hog Train.jpg
This picture depicts a train load of hogs being shipped to Duroc jersey breeders in Prattville, Autauga Co., AL on May 28, 1928.

Chicago Transit Authority local rail transit map showing stops and connections between lines including downtown inset.

This photograph of Loachapoka Alabama train depot was taken on February 24, 1914.

Images of life on a larger sailing boat, with a youth group that is learning how to set sail, clean the ship and other necessary tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.09.40 PM.png
The Kangaroo Court at Wheeler Motor Company. It was sponsored by the Employees' Council of Self Government and Discipline, which acted as the business's moral police. Shown in the photo are Teressa Felis, the woman seated below the Chevrolet sign.…

This photograph depicts passengers at the Auburn, Alabama train depot in 1899.

Liberty for All.jpg
Poster showing Statue of Liberty, aircraft carrier, and bi-planes in flight. ca.1941-1943

CTA train on the El entering the Loop on a winter morning.

Cincinnati Union Terminal 2.jpg
Black and white photograph of the Women's Lounge in the Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio. Date and creator unknown. From the Cincinnati Museum Center description: "Union Terminal opened in March of 1933, nine months ahead of schedule. Described as…

The Auburn, Alabama train depot undergoing renovation in 1971.

The Gorch Fock is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name and a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both ships are named in honour of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym…

Ships in Harbor.jpg
Ships in harbor at Naples, Italy. ca. 1890-1900

This photograph depicts Browns, Alabama's train station. Browns, Alabama is an unincorporated town in Dallas County, Alabama.

Looking west towards the old Union Station train shed in Montgomery, Alabama

This is the bus Rosa Parks was riding when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1, 1955. At the time, Jim Crow laws in Alabama demanded that seating on buses be racially segregated. Ms.…

A cog (or cog-built vessels) is a type of ship that first appeared in the 10th century, and was widely used from around the 12th century on. Cogs were generally built of oak, which was an abundant timber in the Baltic region of Prussia. This vessel…

Titanic News.jpg
Front page newspaper article headlining the sinking of the Titanic. From The World newspaper.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.40.29 PM.png
An unidentified man sits behind the wheel of a 1952 MG automobile, the pace car for that year's Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Championship Stock Car Race. The photo was taken August 4 at the United Fruit Company's waterfront warehouse. The vessel…
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