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Constructed in 1918, the Bridgeport Train Depot operated through the late 1960s and today is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It houses the Bridgeport Area Historical Association Museum. (Encyclopedia of Alabama)

Stevenson's importance as the junction of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad and the Memphis and Charleston Railroad predates the Civil War. The town and its railroad junction were of strategic importance during the war for both sides. …

James Irvine (II) and Harry Baechtel rode bikes from San Fernando to Irvine Ranch. Picture was taken in Santa Ana.

Two men riding a three-wheeled hand-operated velocipede (also called a Handcar or draisine) on a railroad track. They are conducting a level survey in Oklahoma's Indian Territory. Early mechanized level party with hand-velocipede. Observer riding…

Michigan Central Station Detroit 3.jpg
Black and white photograph of Michigan Central Station in Detroit, Michigan, 2008.

This picture shows two school buses parked in front of a high school building in Brownsville, Texas between 1900 and 1920.

This picture shows a woman waiting at a local bus stop in Sri Lanka as seen from the bus stand. There is a mirror on the inside of the bus stand usually used by ladies on their way to work in the morning. A young man in the bus stand can be seen in…

Viking ships were marine vessels of particular designs used and built by the Vikings during the Viking Age. The boat-types were quite varied, depending on what the ship was intended for, but they were generally characterized as being slender and…

Northbound on Chicago's Brown Line

The Old Routemaster buses are definitely an icon of London transportation. They are the buses where you could jump on and off at the back. There was a ticket inspector to sell you a ticket onboard from a machine they had hung round their neck, and…

Michigan Central Station Detroit 2.jpg
Black and white photograph of Michigan Central Station, Detroit, Michigan. Date and creator unknown. From the Historic Detroit description: "MCS and the sheds / Photo from the Detroit Free Press Archives"

Hack 2-433px-Bicycling-ca1887-bigwheelers.jpg
Woman, on tricycle followed by men on high-wheelers.

Heber City Utah's Heber Creeper, No. 618 Steam Locomotive

Sailboat right before a storm hits in the North Sea, showing the potential danger of relying on this kind of transportation

According to the photographer: "A somewhat unusual passenger on the 73 bus; he sat in his seat, washing himself matter-of-factly, as if it were a perfectly normal place for a cat to be." Bob the ginger cat is the companion of James Bowen, who is a…

Woman on Camel.jpg
A woman in a long dress, jacket and a large picture hat is sitting side-saddle on a camel. The camel's bridle and the houdah are adorned in an oriental style with tassels and pompoms. An open sided tent can be seen in the background. ca. 1880

This poster shows a man sitting in a chair, next to a jug of lemonade, with an electric fan blowing on him. The man is in his shirtsleeves and wearing slippers. He is smoking a pipe and has a newspaper in his lap. His dog is curled on the floor next…

Titanic News.jpg
Front page newspaper article headlining the sinking of the Titanic. From The World newspaper.

A cog (or cog-built vessels) is a type of ship that first appeared in the 10th century, and was widely used from around the 12th century on. Cogs were generally built of oak, which was an abundant timber in the Baltic region of Prussia. This vessel…

This is the bus Rosa Parks was riding when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1, 1955. At the time, Jim Crow laws in Alabama demanded that seating on buses be racially segregated. Ms.…

Looking west towards the old Union Station train shed in Montgomery, Alabama

This photograph depicts Browns, Alabama's train station. Browns, Alabama is an unincorporated town in Dallas County, Alabama.

Ships in Harbor.jpg
Ships in harbor at Naples, Italy. ca. 1890-1900

The Auburn, Alabama train depot undergoing renovation in 1971.

Cincinnati Union Terminal 2.jpg
Black and white photograph of the Women's Lounge in the Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio. Date and creator unknown. From the Cincinnati Museum Center description: "Union Terminal opened in March of 1933, nine months ahead of schedule. Described as…

CTA train on the El entering the Loop on a winter morning.

This photograph depicts passengers at the Auburn, Alabama train depot in 1899.

Images of life on a larger sailing boat, with a youth group that is learning how to set sail, clean the ship and other necessary tasks.

This photograph of Loachapoka Alabama train depot was taken on February 24, 1914.

This photograph is of the Auburn, Alabama Railroad Depot around 1900. The Depot burned down in 1904.

Cincinnati Union Terminal 1.jpg
Aerial photograph of Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio. Date and creator unknown. From the Metro Cincinnati description: "The now-demolished concourse is shown at the upper right, and is now the site of an intermodal rail yard. A new concourse for…

This poster shows a man and woman, floating among clouds, with rubber tires hovering over their heads like halos. The man is facing the viewer and is holding onto a steering wheel that is not attached to a vehicle. He is wearing a grey zoot suit, red…

This poster shows a large crowd of soldiers in front of several railway cars. This World War II poster was intended to influence viewers to curtail unnecessary travel so that scarce transportation resources could be used for war purposes.

This sound recording captures a radio discussion of gasoline rationing in the Detroit, Michigan area, and its effect on war workers and war production. The speakers heard are John R. Richards, Supervisor of Gas Rationing, Office of Price…

This sound recording captures a radio address by the President, in which he appealed for support of the scrap rubber campaign. The campaign was held because the Japanese had cut off about 92 percent of the U.S. rubber supply.

This poster was created to promote winter tourism in New York State. It depicts a man and woman cross-country skiing. Both are wearing blue snowsuits, red scarves, red-and-white striped mittens and socks, and brown shoes. A snow-covered hill is shown…

This poster was created for the Indian Court exhibit at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, CA. It depicts an antelope hunt and its style is similar to that used in Navajo art works. This poster was created as part of the…

This pamphlet gives advice to mothers traveling with babies and small children. Most of the information regards train travel but there are sections on bus and car travel as well. The pamphlet's advice assumes that the mother has no adults traveling…

This poster shows a man and woman, dressed in winter overcoats and waiting at a bus stop. The man is also wearing a fedora hat and gloves, and the woman is wearing a headscarf, mittens, bobby socks, and saddle oxford shoes. This World War II poster…

This poster shows a group of civilian and military travelers crowded into a railway car. Many have grim or unhappy expressions on their faces. This World War II poster was intended to influence viewers to curtail unnecessary travel so that scarce…
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