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Flowers Hall.jpg
Flowers Hall first opened in 1972 and still continues to be used today. It is the home court for the volleyball team and the men’s and women’s basketball teams. It was named after Hubert A. “Eddie” Flowers, who was a long time head of the…

Spring Park.jpg
In 1815, Michael Dickson and a group of white settlers sailed in a keel-boat down the Tennessee River and up Spring creek, settling where Spring Park is now. Dickson purchased this land from the Indian chief Tashka-Ambi for two pole axes and five…

This poster was created to promote winter tourism in New York State. It depicts a man and woman cross-country skiing. Both are wearing blue snowsuits, red scarves, red-and-white striped mittens and socks, and brown shoes. A snow-covered hill is shown…
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