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Letter from Dr. Thomas F. Jones to S.V. Sheats. The letter is dated August 6, 1860 and was sent from Kingston, Georgia. The letter includes details of a proposed meeting between Jones and Sheats at a place where they have met prior - a location known…

A report by P.M.B. Young to his commanding officer, Colonel W.J. Hardee, informing him that he “observed” no infractions while on guard duty. 1 handwritten page.

This two-page handwritten letter, with additional envelope, is a light-heartedl note that explains the weather in Newport and how the family is doing generally. He also briefly comments on the recent visit of Aunt Mary and Aunt Georgia.

PMB Young writes to his father, asking him for comments on a piece about horses that he wrote that an instructor is using in class. He sends home seeds from a plum he enjoyed, describes the events of a cadet election, and promises to write his mother…

Emma, the sister of Thomas, wrote to confirm the safe arrival of their mother. Emma reported that mother's sore arm was improving and the news of their brother Edmund's impending death. She reported that Sam was ill. She expressed thanks for a…

A rambling letter from Elizabeth Jones to her daughter Caroline Young. Jones is recovering from an illness; the writing is difficult to read and repetitive. She very much wants to see her daughter again, but cannot travel. One envelope and three…

Fannie writes to Lou informing her she will not will be able to visit due to travel problems and late arrivals. 2 handwritten pages.

Pierce is writing to his mother to express his happiness toward receiving letters from her and his brother Robert. Pierce discusses his sister's travel arrangements too. He also goes into details expressing his love of home and how it should remain…

Pierce described the pomp and circumstance surrounding the visit to West Point by the Prince of Wales. Pierce expressed his displeasure about the fuss the Yankees made over dignitaries and his readiness to join the Southern Confederacy. He…

In a letter to his sister, George Young discussed their brother, Robert moving to Texas and how much he will miss him. He talked about receiving his orders and how much he will miss the rest of the family. He agreed with her opinion of the Yankees…

This is a two-page handwritten letter, presumably authored by P.M.B. Young himself judging by his account of the "frozen blue hell" and the frozen Hudson River. He compliments John on his engagement. On the eve of the outbreak of war, he offers a…

Mary is writing to thank her sister for writing to confirm the arrival of Louisa.

George wrote to his father to request a signature on a deed and the immediate return of the signed deed for property owned by his father and sold to Dien & Dien. George mentioned another business entity who had an interest in the deed called…

A very short letter, in response to one from Tom. Watts said he agreed with the plan for the perez (?) as all parties agreed. One handwritten page.

Cousin (Rupo?) writes to Tom that he received his letter detailing their stay at Montvale Springs. The cousin sends his condolences to Tom for the death of his niece. He goes on to explain his relationship with a Sue, a near cousin and hopes that…

While this one-page handwritten letter is incomplete, it is assumed to have been authored by P.M.B. Young. In it, he describes artillery and light infantry drills at West Point Military Academy, including his colleagues. He also comments generally…

Robert Young is filling out a legal bill of sale to Germany and Champion, this is some form of legal document. 3 handwritten pages

A short letter about a "sort of mutiny" at the school, with 30 cadets dismissed. One handwritten page and one envelope

The author wrote an acknowledgment on behalf of Edmund of an invitation extended by Thomas to have Edmund come for a visit so Thomas can treat his illness. Regrets extended that Edmund cannot travel. Provides a lengthy and detailed description of…

E. Randolph Jones writing a thank you letter to Dr. R.M. Young for past letters and sending money to take care of his trial. Ask Dr. Young to attend his trial during the last week of May at Rutherfordton, North Carolina. Jones is writing letters to…

Pierce is writing to his mother to see how she is adjusting to the outcome of the Civil War. He names several options for her to consider if she decides to relocate. He also reminds her to remain strong and optimistic despite the defeat.

L.L. Young writes to Washington Jones, telling him of his friend Thad H. Jones who is coming to Louisiana to open a new practice. 2 handwritten pages.

In this four-page handwritten letter from Elizabeth Jones, we learn that she wrote phonetically and struggled with grammar--suggesting some degree of illiteracy. This letter is general in content and mostly describes how the family is doing, her…

Pierce's letter to his sister upon his arrival back at school. Asks her to have their father send a book for study. Chastises her for betraying his confidence regarding the reputation of a lady and then warns to be careful talking to men, they are…

(T.J. Jones?) writes to his brother incurring about job prospects and the possibility of him coming to work for him. 2 handwritten pages.

In the letter Blake recounted his meeting with a few girls from Newberry District and his travels with two ladies. He told Jones of all the people getting married and where they were from and also of some deaths and illnesses. He ended the letter…

Letter recounting the writer meeting several (girl)friends and relating other friends who are engaged or married. Noted others who are sick or have died. Also mentioned monetary notes and a probated note. One handwritten envelope and four…

Two letters appear in this collection. Both are sent to Dr. Robert M. Young (Pierce's father). The first letter discusses the verdict in a manslaughter case, and the second letter discusses the events that took place once the writer left…

George writes to father discussing the state of health of his mother, and giving ideas for cures, prescriptions, and discussing medical theory/history as well. 8 handwritten pages

The Gorch Fock is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name and a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both ships are named in honour of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym…

Sailboat right before a storm hits in the North Sea, showing the potential danger of relying on this kind of transportation

Chicago Transit Authority local rail transit map showing stops and connections between lines including downtown inset.

Michigan Central Station Detroit 3.jpg
Black and white photograph of Michigan Central Station in Detroit, Michigan, 2008.

A cog (or cog-built vessels) is a type of ship that first appeared in the 10th century, and was widely used from around the 12th century on. Cogs were generally built of oak, which was an abundant timber in the Baltic region of Prussia. This vessel…

Looking west towards the old Union Station train shed in Montgomery, Alabama

According to the photographer: "A somewhat unusual passenger on the 73 bus; he sat in his seat, washing himself matter-of-factly, as if it were a perfectly normal place for a cat to be." Bob the ginger cat is the companion of James Bowen, who is a…

The Old Routemaster buses are definitely an icon of London transportation. They are the buses where you could jump on and off at the back. There was a ticket inspector to sell you a ticket onboard from a machine they had hung round their neck, and…

Images of life on a larger sailing boat, with a youth group that is learning how to set sail, clean the ship and other necessary tasks.

This picture shows a woman waiting at a local bus stop in Sri Lanka as seen from the bus stand. There is a mirror on the inside of the bus stand usually used by ladies on their way to work in the morning. A young man in the bus stand can be seen in…

CTA train on the El entering the Loop on a winter morning.

2217 Scott Street.jpg
This one story fame home faces north. The home was originally built ca. 1940 and remolded ca. 1985. The front facade consists of a recessed porch with a turned wood post. The home first appears on a 1948 Sanborn map update.

Taylor Street.JPG
One story masonry one-part commercial block form building with a flat roof concealed by a modern shed canopy (ca. 1990) at its facade; faces south, freestanding; 2 aluminum-framed storefront systems; exposed brick veneer at facade, exposed brick set…
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