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Letter written by Henry asking Tom if he could borrow “either a horse or mule” for an upcoming trip. 1 handwritten page.

PMB Young writes to his father, asking him for comments on a piece about horses that he wrote that an instructor is using in class. He sends home seeds from a plum he enjoyed, describes the events of a cadet election, and promises to write his mother…

J.W. Jones writes to Jeni, thanking her for corresponding because since she does so rarely his family often wonders about her. His children have been sick and he is requesting a horse to be sent to him. His crops are not doing that great, neither are…

Horseback trail riding, auction and headliner concerts mark this two-day event. Event is held annually on the 3rd Friday and Saturday in July. This event is a fundraiser for St. Jude. Donations are welcome. $35 donation to ride. $15 donation, if you…
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