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In a letter to his sister, George Young discussed their brother, Robert moving to Texas and how much he will miss him. He talked about receiving his orders and how much he will miss the rest of the family. He agreed with her opinion of the Yankees…

Robert writes to Pierce at West Point, encouraging him to work hard and take advantage of the time he has to make the most of his studies, which will put him in the best possible position to have a good life after he graduates. He lets him know he is…

This picture shows two school buses parked in front of a high school building in Brownsville, Texas between 1900 and 1920.

Confederate Monument at Pine Hill Cemetary
Pine Hill Cemetery has over 1,100 graves and contains a mass grave of at least ninety-eight unidentifiable Confederate soldiers who died in the makeshift hospitals in Auburn. In 1893, the Ladies Memorial Association erected a monument over the spot…
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