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Lee County Training School.jpg
One of the largest Rosenwald schools erected in Alabama, the ten-room Lee County Training School served first- through twelfth-grade African-American students in the Auburn area starting in 1928. Lee County Training School became the first black…

JF Drake.jpg
Auburn’s last exclusively African-American public high school was founded in 1957. J.F. Drake High School was named after Dr. Joseph Fanning Drake, and Auburn native who went on to become the president of Alabama A&M College in Huntsville. In 1968,…

Auburn High School.jpg
In 1931, the institution that would come to be known as Auburn High School opened on Samford Avenue at the site of present-day Samford Middle School. From 1931 to 1959, the institution was known as Lee County High School. Until 1966, the entire…

Boykin Street Elementary.jpg
Auburn's first public elementary school that serviced only African-American students was founded in 1951, when it also briefly functioned as a junior high school. Boykin Street Elementary remained the institution for Auburn’s African-American…

Drake '63 invitation.pdf
Drake Highschool Class of 1963 Reunion Dance Invitation

Drake '63 reunion agenda.pdf
Agenda detailing the Class of 1963 Drake High School Reunion

Silver Reunion '64 napkin.jpg
A napkin from the Drake Class of 1964 Silver Reunion

Drake Reunion newspaper class of '60 2004.jpg
Newspaper clipping accounting the Class of 1960 reunion's attendants and former teachers

Opelika State 1986 Cosmetology.pdf
Linda Day Saxon's college graduation diploma for the Class of 1986

Southern Union 2002 Upholstery.pdf
Graduation diploma for Linda Day Saxon from Southern Union State Community College

Southern Union Associate Child Dev. 2020.pdf
Associates diploma in Child Development from Southern Union State Community College for Linda Day Saxon Class of 2002

Southern Union Associate Office Management 2017.pdf
Diploma for n associates degree in Office Management awarded to Linda Day Saxon from Southern Union State Community College class of 2017
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