General Pierce Manning Butler Young Papers

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General Pierce Manning Butler Young Papers


Archival collection of papers of Confederate States of America General Pierce Manning Butler Young of Bartow County, Georgia. The papers are owned by the Bartow Histoy Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  Visit their website for additional information about their museum exhibits, archival collections, and public programs.


General Pierce Manning Butler Young, Confederate States of America, 1836-1896


Keith S. Hebert, Professor of History, Department of History, Auburn University, in cooperation with the Bartow History Museum


Bartow History Museum


Bartow History Museum




Bartow History Museum


All papers held in this collection are the property of the Bartow History Museum. Any reproduction or publication of these papers must be approved by the Bartow History Museum.



Collection Items

2005.36.116: George William Young to Louisa Young, 1859 September 20
George William Young arriving in Cartersville on the next Monday with his wife, children, and one slave. Arranging for Louisa to make plans to meet them at the depot in Cartersville. 3 handwritten pages

2005.36.119: Elizabeth Caroline Young to Son, 1859 September 6
The letter was from Elizabeth Caroline Young to her son, dated September 6, 1859. In the letter, Elizabeth Caroline Young addresses current family topics, such as deaths, illnesses, and the state of the family in general. 4 handwritten pages

2005.36.293: A letter from Thomas F. Jones to Kate, 1858 May 18
This is an apology letter from Thomas to Kate for a lapse in writing. He expresses his satisfaction in knowing that the feelings she possesses for him are stronger than anyone else in his life. He confirms his affection for her, despite enjoying…

2005.36.280: Letter from Thomas F. Jones Jr. to Kate, 1858 January 9
Thomas expresses his wish to Kate that she would write more often, and that he spends energy and emotion waiting on her letters every day. He tells her that he must hear from her to be happy.

2005.36.268: Thomas F. Jones Jr. to Kate, unknown
A letter from Thomas Jones Jr. to Kate. Thomas updates Kate about family matters, discusses recent purchases, asks about her health. 6 handwritten pages

2005.36.277: Thomas F. Jones Jr. to "My Beloved Kate," 1858 April 19
Jones is writing Kate to question why she does not write him more often. He admits to being busy, and also writing several letters that were not mailed. However, he still questions why she does not write more. He describes the dull conditions of…

2005.36.151: Lucy Dashwood to P.M.B. Young, unknown
A love letter from Lucy Dashwood to P.M.B. Young. 1 handwritten page.

2005.36.187: Elizabeth Caroline Young to P.M.B. Young, 1858 August 20
Young’s mother is writing him to congratulate and also express her excitement concerning Young’s complete conversion to Christianity. The letter goes into detail describing the importance of accepting “the Redeemer” into one’s life.

2005.36.106: Mary to Elizabeth Caroline Young
Letter from Mary to her sister, Elizabeth Caroline Young. Mary inquires about Elizabeth's health, noted it as poor. Mary also mentions a proposed family visit, and reminisces about memories between the two sisters.

2005.36.167: Letter from P.M.B. Young to Elizabeth Caroline Young, 1856 March 25
A short letter from Young to his mother discussing the death of a “brother cadet” at the Georgia Military Institute. Young comments on the cause of death, which was pneumonia, and how symptoms such as pleurisy induced a very painful death. Young…

2005.36.164: Letter to P.M.B. Young, 1859 March 31
Letter to Pierce concerning his military attire. The sender comments on epaulets that are available. The letter mentions seeing Pierce's name in the local Savannah newspaper as a cadet at West Point. In the article, Pierce is described as excellent…

2005.36.146: Louisa Young to P.M.B. Young, 1857 June 16
This letter from sister Louisa expresses how much she misses Pierce. She discusses a visit from Robert that went well. Louisa also expresses her pleasure at Pierce's bright future by complimenting his position at West Point. Louisa mentions a wedding…

2005.36.122: Jeannie to Louisa Young, 22 May 1859
This letter expresses pain and disappointment related to the “very long time” since receiving a letter. Jeannie compares the love to a son to her love for Louisa. The letter also discusses the social life of Charleston, South Carolina.

2005.36.111: (E.T. Sabal?) to P.M.B. Young, 1859 May 14
A letter to P.M.B. Young from a friend who is sick and unable to leave home.

2005.36.107: Louisa Young to P.M.B. Young, 1859 June 9
A brief letter from Louisa Jones to PMB Young. Louisa expresses how she misses her brother and is excited to see him during an upcoming visit. She mentions the condition of their brother, Robert. Louisa discusses family matters as well as mentioning…

2005.36.322: J. Jones to Dr. Jones, 1860 September 6
This hastily written two-page note expresses the author's enthusiasm and excitement for the forthcoming marriage of Dr. Jones to Lou, commenting that she is "one of the noblest of her sex." He also thanks Dr. Jones for the invitation and invites him…

2005.36.304: Josephine to Mrs. P.M. Young, 1865 April 18
In this seven-page handwritten letter, in addition to an envelope, to P.M. Young, Josephine describes the Texas landscape in great detail, even explaining how much corn and flour cost. She is grateful for the equitable society available to her in…

2005.36.331: Unknown to Mrs. Dr. R.M. Young, 1860 February 8
This two-page handwritten letter, with additional envelope, is a light-heartedl note that explains the weather in Newport and how the family is doing generally. He also briefly comments on the recent visit of Aunt Mary and Aunt Georgia.

2005.36.394: Unknown to John, 1860 January 18
This is a two-page handwritten letter, presumably authored by P.M.B. Young himself judging by his account of the "frozen blue hell" and the frozen Hudson River. He compliments John on his engagement. On the eve of the outbreak of war, he offers a…

2005.36.117: William Young to Mother, 1859 September 1
This four-page handwritten letter from William Young is almost illegible. The author laments about his loneliness and hopes family comes to visit soon. He also details the health of himself and his family.

2005.36.104: John A. Jones to Sister, 1859 May 27
4 handwritten pages, this letter is torn in the center and the author wrote vertically over the first page of the letter when concluding. This letter, while difficult to read, chronicles the general affairs of the family, including recent…

2005.36.135: Emma to Sister, 1859 March 25
This three-page handwritten letter is torn at the top. Written in Emma's hand. she details Ed's recovery from an unknown ailment. She mostly discusses family affairs and general news, including a recent birth, probably to entice her sister to visit…

2005.36.125: Unknown to Caroline E. Young, 1859 March 15
This three-page handwritten letter, including envelope, is indicative of the illiteracy of the unknown author. It is a simple letter chronicling how God can heal wounds of the flesh and of the heart and spirit. She expresses hope that Caroline will…

2005.36.273: Thomas F. Jones, Jr. to Kate, 1857 November 13
In this two-page handwritten love letter to Kate, Thomas F. Jones, Jr. comments on visiting her bother, Frank, in Georgia. He explains how he desires to live in that part of the country. He indicates that he is "almost well again," but did not…

2005.36.547: Unknown to Brother, Unknown Date
While this one-page handwritten letter is incomplete, it is assumed to have been authored by P.M.B. Young. In it, he describes artillery and light infantry drills at West Point Military Academy, including his colleagues. He also comments generally…

2005.36.162: Unknown to Sister, 1857 June 25
This four-page handwritten letter is commentary on life in Greenville, South Carolina. The author details his labor in fixing railings, fences, and gates. Additionally, he laments how difficult it is to grow a garden. In fact, he is so busy at…

2005.36.266: Thomas F. Jones, Jr. to Kate, 1857 April 18
Thomas F. Jones, Jr. authored this seven-page handwritten letter describing an ordeal with an unidentified drunken friend. He was so drunk that Jones likened him to a "Patagonian" who likened him to "the Evil Spirit." He also reassures Kate the he is…

2005.36.292: Thomas F. Jones, Jr. to Kate,  1857 March 29
In this three-page handwritten love letter, Thomas F. Jones, Jr. bestows his adoration upon the recipient. He comments how he loved another before, but the woman did not reciprocate his affections. He mentions that he traveled 500 miles by horse for…

2005.36.173: Stephens Hammond & Co. to R.M. Young, 1857 March 28
This handwritten one-page receipt, with envelope, from Stephens Hammond & Co. describes the purchase of ___________ and window glass by R.M. Young in February 1836.

2005.36.154: M.L. Chester to Louisa Young, 1857 January 1
This three-page handwritten letter from M.L. Chester to Louisa Young condemns Louisa for not reciprocating love for him. He is clearly angered that Louisa did not agree with the friends he kept.

Following Chester's signature is a brief…

2005.36.183: E.C. Young to Son, 1856 March 29
This four-page handwritten letter from E.C. Young to his unidentified son, presumably P.M.B. Young, offers the author's condolences on the death of a friend at the military academy. He also comments on the well-being of the family and the hope that…

2005.36.327: Dr. Thomas F. Jones to S.V. Shears, 1860 August 6
Letter from Dr. Thomas F. Jones to S.V. Sheats. The letter is dated August 6, 1860 and was sent from Kingston, Georgia. The letter includes details of a proposed meeting between Jones and Sheats at a place where they have met prior - a location known…

2005.36.82: Elizabeth Jones to Caroline, 1856 January 27
In this four-page handwritten letter from Elizabeth Jones, we learn that she wrote phonetically and struggled with grammar--suggesting some degree of illiteracy. This letter is general in content and mostly describes how the family is doing, her…

2005.36.182: P.M.B. Young to Caroline Elizabeth Jones, Date Unknown
P.M.B. Young writes a quick note to his mother about West Point, breakfast, and school. 2 handwritten pages.

2005.36.133: Ma & Mary Thompson to Caroline Elizabeth Jones, (Unknown Year) December 23
Ma authors the first page and writes about Christmas events. Mary authors the final pages to Caroline because Ma is in pain. She goes to write about her desire to travel the world and that Louisa has moved to Kentucky with Thomas. She also writes…

2005.36.369: Fannie to Louisa Young Jones, 1860 August 07
Fannie writes to Lou informing her she will not will be able to visit due to travel problems and late arrivals. 2 handwritten pages.

2005.36.311: (Henry Thompson Jones?) to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1860 July 12
Letter written by Henry asking Tom if he could borrow “either a horse or mule” for an upcoming trip. 1 handwritten page.

2005.36.118: (Fannie?) to Louisa Young Jones, 1859 September 14
The unknown writer is telling Tom about his/her baby daughter and hopes that she will be able to visit her soon. 2 handwritten pages. *The second page is written in a different hand.

2005.36.126:  Letter to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1859 March 01
Letter detailing business transactions, cotton purchasing, settling of payments, and runaway slaves. 4 handwritten pages.

2005.36.471: Cousin (Rupo?) to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1858 October 06
Cousin (Rupo?) writes to Tom that he received his letter detailing their stay at Montvale Springs. The cousin sends his condolences to Tom for the death of his niece. He goes on to explain his relationship with a Sue, a near cousin and hopes that…

2005.36.407: James W. Watts to Tom, 1858 September 21
A very short letter, in response to one from Tom. Watts said he agreed with the plan for the perez (?) as all parties agreed. One handwritten page.

2005.36.385: Geo Wm Young to Sister, 1860 February 29
In a letter to his sister, George Young discussed their brother, Robert moving to Texas and how much he will miss him. He talked about receiving his orders and how much he will miss the rest of the family. He agreed with her opinion of the Yankees…

2005.36.159: R.S.W. Fraser to Capt. P. Young, 1857 June 5
A letter to P. Young upon his leaving for West Point from his friend Fraser. He included a bouquet with the note and mentioned he will miss him most when thinking about singing together on the guitar. He said he hoped to see him again when he…

2005.36.315:George William Young to Receipt Paper, 1858; 1859; 1860; 1861
A small slip of paper, written on both sides with edges (with words) cut off. It seems to be a receipt book page with entries covering the years 1858 - 1861. It may have been for property loans. The only name that appears on it is Geo Wm Young.

2005.36.367: Elizabeth Jones to Caroline, 1860 July 6
A rambling letter from Elizabeth Jones to her daughter Caroline Young. Jones is recovering from an illness; the writing is difficult to read and repetitive. She very much wants to see her daughter again, but cannot travel. One envelope and three…

2005.36.179: Lacy W. Watts to brother, 1856 August 9
In her letter to her brother, she asked if he liked his profession and if his practice was going well. She discussed the ailments of her children and all the people who had visited in the past months. She mentioned the crops and that they were in…

2005.36.149: Thos. F. Bythersbog (?) to Tom, 1857 September 27
The writer chastises Tom for not taking care of himself and tells what medicine to take for his liver problems. Mentions that the crops are poor because of the drought. He is happy to hear that Tom and Kate have made up (after a disagreement). …

2005.36.101: N Reynolds to Tom, 1859 November 23
A letter to Tom from his mother-in-law (?) about the death of her daughter, Kate. She mentioned the cotton crop, a visit from his mother, She discussed Alick, who is working for Dr. Framer and asked Tom to have him stop smoking. She mentioned that…

2005.36.120: Emma to brother, 1859 August 29
A letter to her brother, whose wife (and baby) has recently died. She tells her brother to think of her in heaven. She asks about the baby, if it lived and if so does his mother-in-law have it, and an offer to take the baby if he wants. Three…
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