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Located in Smiths Station along Old West Dirt Road.

Coordinates: 32.6681901, -85.1393829

Located in Auburn on Memorial Park Drive.

Coordinates: 32.5965238, -85.4607818

Located in Opelika along Columbus Parkway.

Coordinates: 32.6376344, -85.3110551

Located in Opelika along South Uniroyal Road.

Coordinates: 32.6104129, -85.3374447

Located in Auburn along Society Hill Road.

Coordinates: 32.5895798, -85.4052245

Located in Waverly along West Farmville Road.

Coordinates: 32.6604105, -85.5082835

Located in Auburn along South College Street.

Coordinates: 32.5293033, -85.5213388

Located in Smiths Station along Lee Road 294.

Coordinates: 32.5440279, -85.1141035

Located in Opelika along Spring Villa Road.

Coordinates: 32.5893026, -85.3129995

Located in Smiths Station along Lee Road 246.

Coordinates: 32.5159735, -85.0943803

Located in Opelika along Marvyn Parkway.

Coordinates: 32.5315263, -85.3741122

Located in Auburn along Beehive Road near Interstate 85.

Coordinates: 32.5409695, -85.5388393

Located in Beulah along County Road 158 near Lee Road 252.

Coordinates: 32.6651339, -85.2416087

Located in Beauregard along County Road 401 near Meadows Mill Road.

Coordinates: 32.5051388, -85.2654977

Located in Beauregard along County Road 166 and Lee Road 116.

Coordinates: 32.5509702, -85.3407779

Located in Loachapoka along West Farmville Road.

Coordinates: 32.6567995, -85.5232839

Located in Smiths Station along County Road 158 near Lee Road 353.

Coordinates: 32.6651345, -85.1560502

Located in Opelika at South Long Street and Monroe Avenue.

Coordinates: 32.6345785, -85.3882797

Located in Opelika between India Road and Oak Bowery Road.

Coordinates: 32.6681886, -85.3963357

Located in Loachapoka at the end of Lee Road 78 off of Rowells Road.

Coordinates: 32.6895759, -85.6193976

Located in Loachapoka along County Road 71 and County Road 551.

Located Beulah along Highway 431.

Coordinates: 32.5984693, -85.2416084

Located in Opelika along County Road 162 near Cusseta Road.

Coordinates: 32.7070764, -85.3588347

Located in Beulah along Highway 29 (West Point Parkway).

Coordinates: 32.6940216, -85.2916104

Located in Smiths Station at County Road 179 and Lee Road 246.

Coordinates: 32.5504161, -85.1643831

Located in Beauregard along County Road 38.

Coordinates: 32.4640287, -85.3524443

Located in Waverly along Patrick Street.

Coordinates: 32.7345746, -85.5730079

Located in Auburn on Westview Drive.

Coordinates: 32.620134, -85.4952274

The Auburn Train Depot was built in 1904, based on a Victorian railroad design by Auburn University architecture student Ralph Dudley. Two previous stations serving the Montgomery and West Point Railroad, located on the same site, had been destroyed…

Located at 1323 Auburn Street in Opelika, the home was built in 1906 by the city's first African-American doctor, J.W. Darden. Darden was the only physician for African-Americans within a 30-mile radius of Opelika. Partnering with his pharmacist…

Lucv Pokv Tvise (translation: turtle sitting place) was a settlement of the Sawakee Creeks established in 1796. The residents had been forced out of South Carolina and Georgia by expanding white settlements. The village reached a peak population of…

This early Lee County Methodist church was built in 1837.

Judge John Harper and 33 other residents of Harris County, Georgia were the first settlers of Auburn in 1836. One year later they completed construction of a Methodist church, which served as the settlement's first church and school. Church…

Formed in 1868 under the leadership of Reverend Thomas Glenn, Bethesda Baptist Church was the first African-American church in the city of Opelika.

Beth Shalom is the only organized Jewish congregation in East Alabama. Formed in 1989, the synagogue was dedicated in 1992. It is located at 134 Cary Drive, Auburn, AL.

The land on which this building is situated was owned by Judge John Harper, the founder of Auburn. In 1846, Harper deeded the land to Auburn Academy agent Simeon Porter for the purpose of building Auburn's first schools. The site served as the home…

In the early 1830s, William Barnard, a mixed-race Creek Indian, built a log cabin on 640 acres of land in what is now western Lee County. Barnard was an influential leader of the Creeks in western Georgia and served under U.S. militia general John…

Pinetucket was built by Lewis Allen Foster around 1850 in the Greek Revival style. The owner was one of the leading entrepreneurs in 19th century Auburn. Foster's primary business was tin ware, the art of which he taught to young men that lived in…

Opelika Cotton Mill.jpg
The first major industry in Lee County and the first textile mill in Opelika. It opened in 1900. Today, it is most well known as the backdrop for the 1979 film "Norma Rae" about a woman who become involved in the Labor Union Activities at the North…

Constructed in 1925, allegedly after Opelika city officials paid the company a significant sum in bribes, the Pepperell Mill would become one of Opelika's most iconic industrial sites. The mill produced cotton textiles under a number of names until…

After opening in 1963, this plant produced automobile tires for the BF Goodrich company. The business was forced to close in 2009 after shifting workforce to non-unionized labor. It was located at 1800 Crawford Rd., Opelika, AL.

The Halliday-Cary-Pick House was built by James Kidd in 1848. The home was owned by three prominent residents of Auburn. Dickinson Halliday was a planter who had moved to the town from Georgia. During the Civil War, the home was used as a hospital…

Diversified Products opened in 1963. The company specialized in fitness equipment and is credited with revolutionizing the fitness industry. This business was an important component of America's emerging fitness movement for four decades. Corporate…

Orradio produced magnetic tape. Major John Herbert Orr founded Orradio in 1949 using information given to him by German scientists during World War II. This business became the first producer of commercially available audio, video, and computer tape.…

James Mitchell purchased 400 acres along Chewacla Creek and built a dam and sawmill in 1837. Mr. Collins bought the mill in 1880, but it was washed away during a flood in 1889 and would not be rebuilt until 1905. J. Milton Whatley bought the property…

Carter's Mill was an early non-permitted mill. Sam Carter received his land from the U.S. government and built his mill on that property. In 1840, the property was sold to Mark Golden Jr. who later died 1845. Golden's will listed only grist mill…

General Electric Aviation produces machined parts for jet engines. The business opened in 2013, and is still operating today. In 2014, a $50 million expansion was announced that will allow the factory to mass produce, via 3D printing, fuel nozzles…

Pharmavite manufactures soft-gel vitamin tablets under the Nature Made name. The business opened in 2013 and still operates today. The plant employs around 250 people, and is located at 4701 Northpark Dr., Opelika, AL.

South-Korean-based Mando produces brake corner modules, brake calipers, suspension modules and steering systems. The business opened in 1996, and still operates today. The facility employs around 700 people, and is located at 4201 Northpark Dr.,…

Daewon for web.jpg
South-Korean-based Daewon America produces suspension bars and coils to supply the automotive industry including Hyundai, Kia, GM and Chrysler. The business opened in 2007, and still operates today. Daewon America's Alabama branch is located at 4600…
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