Halliday-Cary-Pick House

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Halliday-Cary-Pick House


Auburn University; Lee County, AL; Greek Revival; Civil War; Historic Homes


The Halliday-Cary-Pick House was built by James Kidd in 1848. The home was owned by three prominent residents of Auburn. Dickinson Halliday was a planter who had moved to the town from Georgia. During the Civil War, the home was used as a hospital for a short time by Union troops as a hospital. In 1897, the home was purchased by Dr. Charles Cary, founder of Auburn University's School of Veterinary Medicine. A member of the Alabama Hall of Fame, Cary was responsible for several significant contributions to veterinary medicine and public health. The third prominent owner, U.S. Army Lieutenant General Lewis Pick, married Cary's daughter Alice. Pick was an engineer officer responsible for building the Ledo Road across northern Burma in World War II and who was the Chief of Engineers from 1949-1953. After retirement, he served as chairman of the board of Georgia Pacific Plywood Company and Head of the Board of Industrial Development for the state of Alabama. The house, located at 360 North College Street, was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 1976. It now serves as the offices of the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, part of Auburn University's College of Human Sciences.


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Text: Lee County Heritage Book Committee, The Heritage of Lee County (Clanton, AL: Heritage Publishing Consultants: 2000), 23.


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