Muscle Shoals Career Academy/ Muscle Shoals Center for Technology

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Muscle Shoals Career Academy/ Muscle Shoals Center for Technology


Muscle Shoals Career Academy; Muscle Shoals Center for Technology; Vocational School; Muscle Shoals, Alabama; Colbert County, Alabama; School; Education


In 1975, The Muscle Shoals Board of Education conducted a needs assessment in conjunction with the Alabama State Department of Education to determine the business and industry employment needs in the Shoals area.  As a result of the needs assessment survey the following occupational programs were initially implemented at the vocational school: Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Business and Office Education, Carpentry, Distributive Education, Health Occupations, Horticulture, Industrial Electricity, Radio and TV repair, Trowel Trades, and Welding.

Since the original opening of the school in 1977, Cosmetology, Engineering Graphics, Electronics/Robotics, Principles of Technology, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Science, and Cisco Academy programs were approved by the Alabama Department of Education and implemented at the Muscle Shoals Area Vocational School.  Due to economic shifts in the local economy Trowel Trades and Horticulture were eliminated from the vocational curriculum.  The Industrial Electricity program was eliminated due to low student enrollment.
In 2000, the faculty and staff requested a school name change to reflect the curriculum changes that represented the technology and computer skills required for today's labor force.  In October 2000, the name of the Muscle Shoals Area Vocational School changed to the Muscle Shoals Center for Technology.


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