Caney Creek Chikasaw School

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Caney Creek Chikasaw School


Colbert County Alabama; Cherokee Alabama; Native American History; Native American School; Caney Creek Chickasaw School


Caney Creek Chickasaw School was a Native American school that was originally founded by Presbyterian ministers. The school officially opened January 15, 1827 and was located on Red Rock Rd five miles away from Cherokee on the McWilliams' property. This allowed ministers and missionaries to become a part of movement to civilize the Native American tribes. Missionaries that participated would be given a federal grant to aid their efforts. When the school first opened it had thirty-five students. The school curriculum was heavily focused on religion and language in order to conform the students to the standards and beliefs of white settlers. Children were taught skills based on the traditional values of the settlers. The school lasted until 1836 when the school had to be closed down due to lack of funding after Andrew Jackson was elected president.


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