Washington Baptist Church

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Washington Baptist Church


Washington County, Wagarville, Religion, Christianity, Baptist, cemetery, Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage


The Washington Church was established in 1883; however, the present church building was not built until 1916. The building itself is a one room church, common in the rural south. The church is one of the few remaining that were built in the 19th century and then remodeled and modernized over time. However the church still does not have a steeple, water, heating, or air conditioning. Behind the church building is a cemetery that is over a hundred years old and holds over a hundred graves. Near the church entrance is a large maker that commemorated the five charter members of the church in 1883- Clem and Sarah Henson, Augustus Kirkland, Sally and Dr. Obadiah Lynes, the first pastor. The oldest death date on a headstone is 1901. The cemetery is still active as is the church. The church was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 2010.


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