Creagh Family Cemetery

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Creagh Family Cemetery


Wilcox County, Catherine, Cemetery, Cooper Cemetery, Plantation, Thomas Bevin Creagh, Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage


The Creagh Family Cemetery is believed to have been established in 1826 after the death of the patriarch’s fourth son. Over the years, many Creagh family members were interred at the cemetery including the patriarch, Thomas Bevin Creagh. Mr. Creagh contributed significantly to the early development of Alabama. Creagh was one of the eleven trustees who established the first chartered school in the state. In 1827, Creagh and his family moved to Wilcox County to the plantation where the Creagh Family Cemetery is located. The cemetery now contains 22 graves, monuments, and markers. The Creagh Family Cemetery was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 1991.


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