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George William Young arriving in Cartersville on the next Monday with his wife, children, and one slave. Arranging for Louisa to make plans to meet them at the depot in Cartersville. 3 handwritten pages

P.M.B. writes home to his mother, and he talks about cadet life, his classes, and what he has been doing with his little spare time. Meanwhile, he talks about a merit appointment that he believes he should have been recommended for. 3 handwritten…

Louisa writes to Tom, excusing herself for being in a poor mental/physical state because her recent bouts of illness. Much of her family has been sick, including children and aunts. She hopes that she can come visit him or he can come visit her soon.…

Pierce M.B. Young writes a letter from West Point to his father, Dr. R.M. Young at the Young's family home in Georgia. In it, he details the tough life he is having at West Point, providing information on military drills and a recent sickness he has…
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