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Wilson Park


Lauderdale County; Florence, Alabama; Florence History; Recreation; Ferdinand Sannonner; Woodrow Wilson


Wilson Park was designated as a public walk by Ferdinand Sannoner in his original plan for Florence in 1818. It is a one square block with an area of 2.5 acres. On February 20, 1924, the Board of City Commissioners officially changed its name from City Park to Woodrow Wilson Park in honor of the former U.S. President following his death. The park underwent two renovations, one in 1930 paid for by Mrs. Mary Emily Savage Price and the other one occurring on August 15, 1973. It was in the 1973 redevelopment that a plaza was constructed with a fountain being donated by the Douglass family and benches incorporated throughout the park. The updates to the park were completed in 1974.


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December 4, 2015