Recently Added Items

2005.36.182ac: Pierce Manning Butler Young to Caroline Elizabeth Jones, No date


PMB Young writes a quick note to his mother about West Point, breakfast, and school. 2 handwritten pages.

2005.36.133ae: Ma & Mary Thompson to Caroline Elizabeth Jones, (Unknown Year) December 23


Ma authors the first page and writes about Christmas events. Mary authors the final pages to Caroline because Ma is in pain. She goes to write about…

2005.36.369ab: Fannie to Louisa Young Jones, 1860 August 07


Fannie writes to Lou informing her she will not will be able to visit due travel problems and late arrivals. 2 handwritten pages.

2005.36.311: Henry Thompson Jones(?) to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1860 July 12


Letter written by Henry asking Tom if he could borrow “either a horse or mule” for an upcoming trip. 1 handwritten page.

2005.36.118ab: Fannie(?) to Louisa Young Jones, 1859 September 14

200536118 ab-1.jpg

The unknown writer is telling Tom about his/her baby daughter and hopes that she will be able to visit her soon. 2 handwritten pages. *The second page…

2005.36.126ad: to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1859 March 01


Letter detailing business transactions, cotton purchasing, settling of payments, and runaway slaves. 4 handwritten pages.

2005.36.471al: Cousin Rupo(?) to Thomas F. Jones, Jr., 1858 October 06


Cousin Rupo(?) writes to Tom that he received his letter detailing their stay at Montvale Springs. The cousin sends his condolences to Tom for the…

2005.36.407: James W Watts to Tom, 1858 September 21


A very short letter, in response to one from Tom. Watts says he agrees with the plan for the perez (?) is all parties agree.

2005.36.385: Geo Wm Young to Sister, 1860 February 29


In a letter to his sister, George Young discusses their brother, Robert moving to Texas and how much he will miss him. He talks about receiving his…