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J. Thomas Chesnutt Interview

Oral interviewed recorded by Christy Anderson, Montgomery County Historical Society at Pintlala Baptist Church on Saturday, April 29. You can listen…

Hackleburg, Alabama Oral History Project

Hackleburg Oral History Project.pdf

On April 27, 2011 the community of Hackleburg, Alabama was hit by a EF-5 tornado. Eighteen members of the community lost their lives. The downtown's…

2005.36.301: Fannie writing to her friend (Elizabeth Caroline?), 1860 March 24


A letter from Fannie that discusses the gardens of Walnut Grove and also the conditions of Fannie's family.

2005.36.376: P.M.B Young to mother, 1860 March 1


Pierce is writing to his mother to express his happiness toward receiving letters from her and his brother Robert. Pierce discusses his sister's…

2005.36.397: Mary K. Jones to her sister, 1860 April 26

Mary is writing to thank her sister for writing to confirm the arrival of Louisa.

2005.36.691: P.M.B. Young to his mother, 1865 June 10

Pierce is writing to his mother to see how she is adjusting to the outcome of the Civil War. He names several options for her to consider if she…