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Arts Alive Festival


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Since 1986, the city of Florence has hosted an annual two day festival dedicated to highlighting the local area’s rich art culture known as Arts Alive. Each year, the event has is organized through the hard work and efforts of a volunteer committee. During the event local, regional, and national acclaimed artists set up booths at Wilson Park and the Kennedy Douglas Center for the Arts in downtown Florence.The festival does not focus on one particular style of art. Instead, the festival showcases artworks from various categories—painting, stained glass, jewelry, sculpture, pottery, fiber art, needle work, photography, music, and more. One local artists claimed that the festival is both unique and important for the artist and community because provides the two different spheres an “opportunity to meet and talk.” In addition, the festival stresses the importance of art among the younger generation with the inclusion of a dedicated area for children artwork. Overall, the admission is free and the art is beautiful.


Jesse Brock, University of North Alabama


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