Pollard Mansion, 1853-1938

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Pollard Mansion, 1853-1938


Architectural drawings; Watercolors; Mansions; Houses; Dwellings; Brickwork; Doors & doorways; Windows; Porches; Columns; Balconies; Hand railings; Ironwork; Roofs; Chimneys; Moldings; Women; Trees; Landscapes (Representations)


This image is a watercolor painting of the Pollard Mansion (also known as the Colonel Charles Teed Pollard House) in Montgomery, Alabama done by D. Benton in 1938. The mansion was built in 1853. The painting shows the front exterior of the house with its brick walls, doors, windows, two-story columned porch, steps, iron balcony, decorative ironwork on the wings, flat roof and chimneys surrounded by trees and landscaping. There is a woman in period dress on the porch. The house is placed within framing art showing its architectural features including the decorative ironwork on the wings, the iron balcony railing, a corner of the roof and the molding under it, side and top views of a column, a floor plan, a side view of the house. In the lower right corner, there is an Alabama Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture stamp with a handwritten inscription "2nd Medal" and the artist's information block which reads: "A measured drawing, the Pollard Mansion, Montgomery, Alabama, Ala. Poly. Inst., Auburn, Ala., Arch 476, Major I, March 3, 1939, D. Benton." There are three labels in the upper left corner. The first reads: "School of Architecture Architectural Renderings, RG 457, Original number 16, "The Pollard Mansion." The second reads: "The Pollard Mansion, Montgomery, AL." The third reads: "16." The painting is in good condition with minor edge wear and is encapsulated.


Benton, D. (rendering) ; Randolph, B. F. (house)


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Library of Congress (Historic American Buildings Survey): http://www.loc.gov/item/al0658/






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Montgomery -- Montgomery County -- Alabama ; 117 Jefferson Street, Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL (and N. Lawrence)

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