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Freddie Hart (December 21, 1926- )

Born Fred Segrest on December 21, 1926, Hart was one of fifteen children. His parents were sharecroppers. He began playing guitar at age 5, and by age 12 he dropped out of school to work for his parents. When World War II broke out, Hart was 15. He lied about his age, joined the Marine Corps, and saw action at Guam and Iwo Jima. While in the service, he became interested in the martial arts, and after the war, he taught self-defense at the L.A. Police Academy.

In 1948, Hart met Hank Williams who taught Hart about songwriting. In 1951, he joined Lefty Frizzell’s band. During his year with the band, Hart got his first recording contract with Capitol Records. In 1959, he recorded his first hit, “The Wall,” with Columbia Records. In 1971, his hit “Easy Lovin’” went to number one on the country charts and number seventeen on the pop charts. The song won two Grammy awards and was recognized as The Country Music Association as “The Song of the Year” for both 1971 and 1972. His songwriting has produced hits for many artists including Porter Wagoner and Charlie Rich. He was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

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