356 Gunter Avenue

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356 Gunter Avenue


Downtown Guntersville; Marshall County


This two story commercial building is located at 356 Gunter Ave in downtown Guntersville, AL. Built in 1940, the building faces east and features a flat roof with a flat facade parapet. It was remodeled around 1990, at which time aluminum windows were added, and the modern stucco surface was applied.
The Great Depression came to Guntersville in 1929 as it did to the rest of the nation. Between 1935 and 1941, the city of Guntersville received economic assistance from the Works Progress Administration, the Public Works Administration, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, which employed 1,400 people in the construction of Guntersville Dam. At a time when jobs were scarce and the economy was failing, Guntersville was aided by an influx of federal money to improve its infrastructure and build new federal facilities. New businesses opened in downtown Guntersville during a period of minimal national growth.


Brian Murphy


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