Metal's Terrace

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Metal's Terrace


Colbert County Alabama; Listerhill Alabama; Metal's Terrace; War Housing Project Ala 1213; African American Housing; African American History


Metal’s Terrace was a project initiated to provide housing for African American workers in the Shoals. This was also known as the War Housing Project Ala 1213. This housing was to be used strictly for African Americans. It became ready to house African American workers in 1944 during the Second World War. As such, the workers were also referred to as war workers. The project was given 32 acres of land to build housing for the African American war workers. The project managed to complete 48 buildings with around 36 of the serving as actual housing units. The project very much resembles a village as goods and services were also provided for the workers in the form of barbershops, stores, and a community center. The project was completed in year with the original construction date as August 24, 1943. Construction was finished a year later in 1944. The buildings were located across the street from Reynolds Metals in Listerhill, Alabama.


Sam Keiser


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Alabama Cultural Resource Survey


December 7, 2015