Colbert County Rose Trail Park

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Colbert County Rose Trail Park


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Rose Trail is a RV and campground located on Pickwick lake and reservoir. Pickwick Reservoir is a lake created by the Pickwick Dam in Tennessee. Construction began in 1934. The lake is under the jurisdiction of the TVA. It extends for 53 miles from Tennessee to the Alabama- Mississippi border. The dam, and resulting lake were completed in 1938. The dam is 113 feet high. It still produces hydroelectricity with six large generators within the dam. The mean elevation of the lake water is 408 feet. The dam also has two locks.
The area's lake is a popular spot for many different activities. Fishing is a popular sport in the lake, particularly for bass and catfish. Boating and water skiing are allowed on the lake.
There are piers and boat ramps in the park for campers, as well as bathrooms and showers. The park is only open from March-September.


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December 1, 2015