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Wilson Dam Lake


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Wilson Dam Lake was created from the damming of the Tennessee River by the construction of the Wilson Dam. The lake's normal elevation is 505 feet. The average depth is 97 feet. The distance of the backwater upstream is 17 miles and the area of the surface is 14,500 acres. Much of the flooded land was once farmland used in the Shoals. On the southern edge of the lake there is a leak of water and overflow water flows out into the Tennessee River.

There are many myths surrounding the area around the dam and lake, most involving the native catfish. The lake is popular for fishing and the size of the fish are often exagerated in reports. Blue catfish often range from 50-80 pounds, but can be as large as 100 pounds.

The lake was flooded by the TVA, the ones in control of Wilson Dam and the Tennessee River. By building a dam in the area the TVA was able to power the surrounding cities. Another benefit to building the dam and creating the lake was by powering the nitrate plants in Muscle Shoals. These plants provided much needed fertilizer for eroded farmland.


Carrie Keener, University of North Alabama


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