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Leighton Training School


Colbert County Alabama; Leighton Alabama; African American school; African American History; Leighton Training School


Leighton Training School was a trade school established with the help of a grant provided by Julius Rosenwald. Like other Rosenwald schools, the African American community was required to raise additional funds for the school to be built. The African American community was also required to provide the land for the school. The African American community in Leighton raised sufficient funds in 1928 to secure five acres of land for a school building. Julius Rosenwald also provided $400 in additional funds that also went towards securing the five acres of land. The building, which was made from brick, cost around $8000 and was finished a year in 1929. Like other Rosenwald schools the building was very simple and did not include a dining room or cafeteria. Instead, the women in the local community prepared the food. The school operated until 1970 when integration became the law of the land. The school still holds reunions to for its graduating classes every two years. The school has also been placed on the Alabama Register of Historical Landmarks in 1977. The school can still be found on N. Washington Ave in Leighton, Alabama.


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November 30, 2015