Civilian Conservation Corps Camps at the TVA

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Civilian Conservation Corps Camps at the TVA


Colbert, County; Muscle Shoals, Alabama; the New Deal; TVA; Wilson Dam; National Park Service


The Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC, was created by President Roosevelt as part of the New Deal. The main goals of the CCC was to reduce fire hazards, control disease, repair railroads, and prevent erosion. A CCC company located in the Muscle Shoals area cleared a 240-acre area of land for the Muscle Shoals City Airport. After this task they were used to maintain tree saplings to help with reforestation of many of the country's forests. In cooperation with the Naitonal Park Service, the CCC created footpaths, trails, bridges, parking areas, picnic areas, shelters, a field museum, boy scout meeting houses and an observation point overlooking a river; this all encompassed the new TVA park opened on July 4, 1935.

The CCC in the Muscle Shoals area also produced a radio program broadcast over the area every week. The last company sent to the area was company 4499. This company originally worked for the United States Forest Services. Their main goal was to help prevent erosion. 


Carrie Keener, University of North Alabama


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November 30, 2015