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Trenholm High School


Colbert County, Alabama; Tuscumbia, Alabama; Trenholm High School; George Washington Trenholm; African American History


Trenholm High School was originally founded as the Osborne Colored Academy in 1877. From there it became Tuscumbia’s Colored School, which lasted until 1921. The Tuscumbia’s Colored School changed its name to Trenholm High School in 1921. The school was named after a beloved teacher and principal George Washington Trenholm. While the school was segregated, it offered a wide range of educational activities for students. Some of these activities included clubs, contests, and plays. Trenholm High School had an active athletics program for students to participate in, including basketball, football, and track teams for its students. The black community in the area also heavily supported Trenholm High School. The school also became a space for community activities. The school began being used as a meeting site for various organizations and speakers. The building also provided entertainment for the community through various concerts and movies as well as prominent lecturers and speakers. Church congregations also used the school as a meeting place. Trenholm no longer stands today. A small memorial next to the school can be found with a list of every principal the school had prior to its removal.


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