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Andrew Freear


Hale County, Alabama; Marengo County, Alabama; Perry County, Alabama; Newbern, Alabama; Andrew Freear; Rural Arts Studio


Andrew Freear, the Wiatt Professor of Architecture at Auburn University, became the Director of the Rural Arts Studio in Newbern, West Alabama in 2002.

Freear, who is from Yorkshire, England, was educated at the Polytechnic of Central London and the Polytechnic of Central London, England. He has practiced in London and Chicago, and he taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago and as a Unit Master at the Architectural Association.

He moved to Alabama over a decade ago to direct the Rural Studio, a hands-on architectural pedagogy that teaches students to design and build homes for the rural poor and community projects in addition to improving the living conditions in West Alabama.


Pam Kingsbury, University of North Alabama


Auburn University College of Architecture and Design


Alabama Cultural Resource Survey


Pam Kingsbury, University of North Alabama


Photograph courtesy of the archives at the Ralph Brown Draughon Library at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.


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