Ramah Baptist Church

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Ramah Baptist Church


Barbour County, Midway, Religion, Baptist, Church, Solomon G. Burke, Francis T. Burke, American Civil War, Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage


The Ramah Baptist Church was constructed around 1840. The interior of the church is one large room with two columns in the pew area. In 1857 Solomon G. and Frances T. Burke gave the deed for the present building and cemetery. During the civil war, Ramah Church was the focal point for military roads, used by both the confederacy and the union, leading to Midway, Enon, Hartville, and Ft. Browder.

In 1963, arrangements were made to preserve Ramah Church and the adjoining cemetery. The church is now under the care of the Ramah Church Memorial Association. Ramah Baptist Church was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage in 2011.


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