Wesleyan Bell Marker

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Wesleyan Bell Marker


Historic Markers; Florence, AL; Lauderdale County, AL


This historic marker is located in front of Wesleyan Bell next to Wesleyan Hall on the UNA campus, Florence, Alabama.

The text on the marker reads: "The Wesleyan Bell was manufactured by the C.S. Bell Company in Hillsboro, Ohio, it is made of alloy steel, has a diameter of 38 inches, and is 24 inches high (not including its yoke). The weight of the bell is 660 pounds. When 350- pounds mountings are added, the total weight is 1,010 pounds.
The bell was mounted atop Wesleyan Hall after the school was donated to the state by the Methodist Church in 1873, at which time the school became State Normal College. The bell was used to call students to class, for ceremonial purposes, and other uses. Around 1910, the bell was removed from Wesleyan Hall and placed in storage. In 1951, the bell was discovered and unsuccessful efforts were made by alumni to display it on campus. During the summer of 2002, the 130-year-old Wesleyan Bell was rediscovered after having been in storage for over 90 years. Construction of the Smith Bell Tower began in March of 2003, and was completed during the summer of 2004. The Smith Bell Tower, present home of the Wesleyan Bell, was dedicated during a ceremony on September 17, 2004."


Dylan Tucker, University of North Alabama


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