The Baptist Female Institute of Moulton

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The Baptist Female Institute of Moulton


Schools; Churches; Moulton, AL, Lawrence County, AL


In 1852, the Baptist Female Institution of Moulton was incorporated under the patronage of the Muscle Shoals Baptist Association. At the time the school received its charter, the school building could accommodate 150 female students.

Tuition per each five-month session varied. The preparatory department cost either $10 or $12. The freshman class paid $14, the sophomore class, $16, and the junior class, $18. The senior class paid the largest tuition per session at $20. Extracurricular activities including instrumental music, piano and guitar could be added at a cost of $15 each. Additional instruction in drawing and painting cost $10. A dollar was added on to all tuition for contingent expenses.

The school rules required students to conform in all their conduct to a strict code of morality. No conversation of any kind was allowed during study hours. No pupils were permitted to receive attention from male students, or attend parties during the session of their term. Expulsion was imminent if they did not abide by the rules.


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