Bloody Sunday, Selma, Alabama, 1965

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Bloody Sunday, Selma, Alabama, 1965


Civil Rights Movement


March 7, 1965

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Hattie Austin (Martin Mays)
"My mom had already told us that we couldn't march that Sunday. When she wasnt looking my oldest brother (Profit Barlow a12th grader at R. B. Hudson High School) had slipped out of the house. So she decided that it was best if she stayed home and…

Willie Lee Squire (#19)
SNCC. Address listed as Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton Freedom Center. Selma, Alabama, native.
Hudson High School, Class of 1965

Bob Mants (#3)
Lowndes County, Alabama native
Princeton Freedom Center
Princeton, New Jersey

Ron [unknown last name] (#I  96)
Facebook lead on this marcher's first name.

Joe Tabb (#29)
Possibly an 11th grade Hudson High School student in 1965.
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Lola Sewell has his contact information. He was a classmate of Joe Smitherman.

James Moore (#33--possible match)
Possibly a 10th grade student at Hudson High School in 1965.

Willie Carlyle (location among marchers unknown)
"ABC Wednesday is celebrating the letter H this week, and Willie Carlyle is a Selma native who moved up north at the age of 19, but his HEART was HERE, and he came HOME to retire.
I was taking pictures of renovations at the Old Depot Museum…

Edward Kidd (#35)
Interviewed in 2015.

Edwin L.D. Moss (Volunteer #2)
Edwin L.D. Moss was "one of Selma's most prominent black businessmen." Not only that, but he was an active participant in the Civil Rights Movement. He helped start demonstrations in Selma, and also was part of a Supreme Court case against Dallas…

Boynton says she accompanied Hosea Williams in a scouting expedition of the state troopers locations on Bloody Sunday prior to the start of the march.

Hudson High School
A drive through Alabama's Civil Rights Corridor Page 188 - worked to recruit more students

Fikes's account of Bloody Sunday appears in Handson the Freedom Plow.

Bettie Mae Fikes grew up surrounded by music. Her family was one of musicians, and from the age of six she herself was singing solos in church. After joining SNCC at the
age of…

Charles Bonner (#66)
Author of "Tip of the Arrow"

Sheyann Webb
Appears in Eyes on the Prize. Wrote a book about Selma civil rights movement.

Alfred Turner, Sr. (#4)
Perry County, Alabama
Perry County Civic League
Sportsman Club
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Marion Night March

Tuskegee Students March on Montgomery, March 10, 1965
SNCC WATS Report, WS Historical Society
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