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Lola Sewell remembered that her brother, Marion Sewell, participated in Bloody Sunday.

Lola Sewell remembered that he participated in Bloody Sunday march. He may have played football for Hudson High School. See attached Selma Times newspaper article.

Bloody Sunday foot soldier
Contacted project via Facebook

Viola Jackson Dudley recalls being picked up and carried across Edmund Pettus Bridge by Earl Butler.

Hudson High School Sophomore
Age 16
Hospitalized at Good Sam for three days due to the teargas.
Recalls that lots of out of towners in Selma for the march.

Confirmed by son and nephew via Facebook.

Confirmed by daughter and niece.
Alexandria, Virginia
Treated John Lewis.
According to her daughter Dorothy Straight: My mother would've been the first to insist, however, that she had infinitely less to lose than any one of the marchers that…

Hudson High School
8th or 9th Grade
Hattie Martin Hays identified

10th grader at Hudson High School in 1964
The Selma Campaign 1963-1965 Wally G. Vaughn
Near Tractor Equipment Company. Became Dean of Pharmacy at Xavier University

Marion, Alabama resident during Bloody Sunday

Referred to by Alice Moore
Lives in Savannah

Brown Chapel AME member
Selma resident

Keith Middle School (today)

Joanne Bland says that he was a local leader in the movement. He is toward the front of the march. Need to verify number because she identified him as #4 but #4 is Albert Turner.

Laura Goodwin's daughter.

Marion, Alabama

"Selma, Alabama
Flossie Menifee, 67, who marched on "Bloody Sunday" in 1965, stands in front of the A.M.E. Church where the march started as she commented on a billboard within sight of the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama that is sponsored by…
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